Leander Children furniture

Leander is a Danish furniture manufacturer designing furniture for children. But it is not just about designing furniture. It is about creating furniture that makes a positive difference and that encourages play, movement and creativity. Furniture created to enhance development and makes life with children a little easier.


Magic Nappy Pail

Magic Majestic nappy pails have developed a patented system for a guaranteed 100% odour-free nappy pail. The special drum and the seal of the pail close the system so securely that no odours can escape. This means that unpleasant odours in the kitchen, bathroom or children’s room don’t stand a chance.


Membantu Spring cradles

MEMBANTU is a Danish manufacturer of spring cradles and cradle motors. Every day, every hour, all year round – MEMBANTU improves the quality of life of both parents and their children. The even vibrations of the cradle motor calm the children and help them to fall asleep.



Softtub Baby bathtub

Softtub® is a new patented product from Tub of the World® that will be launched in 2021. The baby bath has been developed according to Danish design tradition. Softtub is the best tub to give your baby a stress-free bathing experience.