Leander Children furniture

Leander is a Danish furniture manufacturer designing furniture for children. But it is not just about designing furniture. It is about creating furniture that makes a positive difference and that encourages play, movement and creativity. Furniture created to enhance development and makes life with children a little easier.


Contour-Design Ergonomic solutions

Contour is a market leading American based company established in 1995 specialising in research, development and design of ergonomic mouse solutions. It produces the Rollermouse, Unimouse and Contourmouse. Since 2013 it also has its main European base situated in Ballerup, Denmark. From here products are imported and then marketed through subsidiary agreements in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK. They also have distribution agreements in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


Carriwell For your growing needs

Carriwell is a company that has been designing and developing comfortable and supportive underwear for both expectant and nursing mothers since 1996. It has always been our undertaking to enhance the breast feeding experience wherever they may be. Carriwell offers a wide range of under garments as well as leisure and swimwear.